TOT Training for a Featured Group of IDPs & Refugees

Preparing for the next step of the project activities related to (BPD) training courses  for the IDPs & refugees in camps in Iraq,  Business Innovation Programs (BIP), and the Public Aid Organization (PAO) organized a (TOT) training & communication course for a group of IDPs & Refugees who were chosen from the first step training activities of the project. This group been choosen by BIP Coordinator and Certified Trainer Omar Karim Ahmed together with PAO coordinators.

The training course was organized in Erbil in the period from 16/01/2017 to 19/01/2017 for 22 participants (10 women & 12 men who came from Erbil, Dohok and Sulaymaniah).

The participantss were trained on how to communicate and carry out BPD training courses (both in theory and in practice).

The course participants practiced using different business ideas during their training simulations that were managed by Suhad Mohammed (PAO) and Omar Karim (BIP) and under the instruction of Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir and Hogr Cahto Shekha.

The course was concluded by distributing certificates of participation to the participants.