Business development through training, trade, quality and micro credit programs
About BIP:

Business Innovation Programs (BIP) is a non-profit foundation whose objective is to contribute to the establishment of jobs and facilitate the development of expertise in the field of economic development as an effective means of building or rebuilding countries. The core activities revolve around exploiting the principles of market economy and to transfer entrepreneurial expertise.

BIP is currently running projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Iraq as well as laying the fundament for development in other countries. In addition, BIP organizes entrepreneurship courses in Norway for refugees who aspire to return to their home country.

BIP is a project organization connecting with partners who have the appropriate expertise in relation to each individual project. BIP generally applies three basic concepts for developing expertise and entrepreneurial skills in order to promote economic development:

· The BIP Start Your Business (SYB) program including Business Plan Development (BPD) for training of adult entrepreneurs;

· The BIP Student Enterprise (SE) program for training students at upper secondary and university levels in how to start their own businesses;

· The BIP Growth Program (GP) for small- and medium-sized companies with a potential for growth and with focus on possibilities for export.

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